Hello everyone!

Welcome to the blog, “As Told by Gabby.”

My name is Gabrielle Beverly or Gabby for short. This is a place where I share with you everything about life… as I know it. I’ll talk about the highs and the lows, from having Bipolar and Depression to embracing this newfound journey of self-love, discovery, and starting over in life.

My blog is both personal and lifestyle. I will be sharing parts of my life with you, such as hobbies, passion projects I’m working on, and weekly updates. I’ll also cover mental health, self-love, Christian living, and personal growth.

The mission of this blog is a variety of things. It can be a boost of motivation to start your day, a food-for-thought in your pocket, a guidebook to overcoming the waves of changes, or a pick-me-up when you’re having a bad day.

“As Told by Gabby” is here to tell you the honest truth, my thoughts, opinions, and ideas, and how we can connect with one another and have more fun in this thing called “life.”

Until next time…

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